Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few questions I’ve been frequently asked. This page will be continuously updated, so please never hesitate to contact me with your own questions!


Q: I can’t log in, what’s my password?
A: Your password was automatically generated and emailed to you when you either registered or through the checkout process. If you for some reason lost or don’t have access to this password, please contact me so I can help sort it out for you.

Q: I don’t like sharing my personal information (home address, email) with you!
A: I honestly, Girl Scout swear, do absolutely nothing with any of your information.  I’ll at most use your email or name to find the proof of sale within my records, but I do not pay attention to any of the rest that was provided.  I do not send out mailing lists, and I do not sell anything to solicitors (I hate them, so I wouldn’t dream of sic’ing that pain on anyone else).  I share information about new items and patterns for sale via Facebook and Twitter only.

Q: Can I download a pattern again after it’s purchased?
A: Yes! Just log into your account, and then browse over your purchase history to download the necessary file(s). Download links do not expire.

Q: What if I have difficulty downloading? Help!
A: Please don’t hesitate to use the form to contact me! All I’ll need is your email address and approximate date of when you made your purchase and I’ll personally email the pattern(s) to you after checking my records.

Q: Are your cross stitch charts, actual charts, or just colored squares?
A: My charts are color symbol diagrams with a corresponding key giving DMC color numbers.

Q: What software do you use to make the charts?
A: For cross stitch patterns; StitchCraft Designer Edition. For machine embroidery; Embird with several plugins.

Q: How do I open one of your cross stitch charts?
A: You will need a program that opens PDF files such as Adobe Reader.

Q: Can you make custom patterns?
A: I’m always open to new suggestions and requests for patterns. Just use the contact form to ask and I’ll see what I can do! Just include any specifics you can think of as far as dimensions and what subject you’re wanting.

Q: Do you just let the software do all the work on your cross stitch charts?
A: No, I actually do spend a considerable amount of time going through my DMC color cards and hand picking the thread colors for each pattern, narrowing down the number of colors used, as well as editing out stray stitches that don’t make sense to me. Loading images into the software is mostly just a “guide” and I make the charts myself.

Q: What brand floss do you use and refer to in your cross stitch charts?
A: It’s all D.M.C six stranded floss. If you don’t have DMC available to you, you may use their conversion charts to reference the brand you do have.

Q: Can I sell what I make with your patterns?
A: Yes! By all means, please feel free to sell your finished projects. The patterns themselves, even if edited, may not be sold and are for your personal use only. Please keep the amount of items you sell within a year of a single pattern to under 1000.