Frequently Asked Questions About Donations

Below are a few questions I’ve been frequently asked. This page will be continuously updated, so please never hesitate to contact me with your own questions!


Q: Why are you asking for donations?
A: I honestly feel like I’m the world’s worst salesman. I don’t like pressuring anyone into sales, so I just all around fail at generating sales as a whole. My website, time devoted to designing patterns and using materials to test them, etc… are expensive. My desire is to continue providing patterns and finished projects to those who are interested, though at this rate, I will not be able to continue doing so for much longer.

Q: What do the donations go towards?
A: Website hosting and inner workings (domain name, plugins, SSL certificate, etc), and materials to further test future patterns.

Q: If you’re worried about income, why are your patterns free?!
A: Like I said, I don’t like sales… I don’t like pressuring for sales… I’d rather generate interest and services. I’ve been trying to charge for patterns for the past few years and have totally fallen short of my goals each year already. I’m still charging for items I physically make… which can be purchased on this site, or on Etsy.

Q: What will you do with any excess donations?
A: My plans are to generate it back into more patterns/materials, as well as potential giveaways in the future. Too early to tell still.

Q: How much are you asking for donations?
A: It’s set as a “name your own amount”, I really don’t want to pressure. Physical items purchased are also considered a donation to me!

Q: Do I need to donate before you make a custom pattern request?
A: Nope! Though I won’t argue it…