Frequently Asked Questions About Memberships

Below are a few questions I’ve been frequently asked. This page will be continuously updated, so please never hesitate to contact me with your own questions!


Q: How do the memberships work?
A: There are currently a few different “flavors” of memberships. Examples: cross stitch, machine stitch, gaming, etc. You purchase whichever membership(s) you’d prefer, and you’ll have permanent access to all patterns (current and future) within that particular flavor or category. If all you make are cross stitches, then that is the flavor you’d choose. If you both cross stitch and have an embroidery machine and like my gaming themed patterns, then that would be an excellent choice for you. If you do both and would like to have access to all patterns, then the cross stitch and machine stitch memberships would be best!

You pay only for the membership and access to the patterns, all patterns are then free.

Q: I bought a membership, where are my downloads?
A: After you purchase your membership, you’ll have immediate access to all patterns within the category you chose, and you’ll then need to “purchase” any pattern you’re interested in as a separate check out. Not all need to be purchased immediately, and you can pick and choose as you please.

Q: Your patterns were free! Why the memberships now?
A: It was a failed experiment. My hope was I’d receive enough donations to support my server, material and software costs… but after a few months, I’d see multiple people downloading 10+ patterns, and nothing to compensate. Won’t lie, it was quite the kick to the teeth when I realized this wasn’t sustainable and I’d be shut down in less than a year. My memberships are only $5, and $10 allows access to everything, so I left it still very affordable and beyond cheap compared to my competitors.

Q: What do you do with the membership fees?
A: Everything gets funneled directly into my website server fees, website extensions, pattern software and material for projects.

Q: Do I need to have a membership before you make a custom pattern request?
A: Nope! Though I won’t argue it…

Q: Why do you still have a donation button up?
A: To be frank, I’ve been in the red on my site for the past few years, and supporting it has come out of my family’s personal funds because I love creating and being able to offer my creations to the world. This isn’t realistic to support on our own for much longer, so any additional support anyone is able to offer, you can guarantee it’s hugely appreciated and will be immediately funneled back into Whistling Doe.