How To Make A Feltie

When I first heard the word “feltie”, I honestly had no clue… and figuring out how to make them was a bit of a shot in the dark… but felties are fun and quick little embroidery applique projects once made!

Felties are made out of felt and are great to add to center of bows, clippies, greeting cards, Scrapbooks, magnets, bookmarks, the sky’s the limit!

Materials and Tools Needed:

Getting Started:

Find a hoop that fits your pattern. My examples are with a multi-needle and fast frames, but standard frames on all machines will work! I personally use self adhesive stabilizer, but standard stabilizer hooped into a frame works perfectly well too. Tear away works best, but cut away can be fine too!

Cut two pieces felt to size, preferably at least a half inch larger than finished pattern.

Step 1: Stitch out white placement stitches directly onto the stabilizer.

Step 2: Float first piece of felt over placement stitches.

Step 3: Stitch all the detail. In this example, it was two shades of grey and the blue rune detail.


Step 4: Remove hoop from machine and flip upside down. I use spray glue, but straight pins work as well (as long as you’re careful) and float second piece of felt to the bottom of the hoop.

Step 5: Return hoop to machine and stitch final step, in this example a black border, to tie the two pieces of felt together.


Step 6: Remove from hoop and trim around the feltie. You’re done!